Zipper Clasp


The Zipper Clasp works on almost anything with a zipper!

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Zipper Clasp replaces and/or repairs the broken tab on almost any zipper.

The Zipper Clasp works on everything from shoes and boots to handbags, luggage, backpacks, sporting equipment, jackets, sweaters, coats and jeans…almost anything with a zipper.

The Zipper Clasp comes in a variety of different colors including Gold, Silver and Pewter.

For this REPAIR CLASP to complete the repair, the sliding part of the existing zipper core (the main part of the zipper that sides up and down, opening and closing the zipper) and the zipper teeth must still be in place and functional on the zipper. The Zipper Clasp only replaces the broken pull tab…

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Weight .125 lbs

Silver, Brass, Black Nickel


Loop Pull, Straight Pull


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