Following is an excerpt from an article written about MKM Solutions LLC on on February 28, 2014.
By Donna J. Miller, The Plain Dealer

Mike and Kathy of Cleveland, Ohio never thought much about zippers. Who does, as long as they work?

When the metal tab you use to slide up or down a zipper broke off, “you hung a paper clip on it,” Mike said. “I, like most of us, had a coat long ago with a paper clip zipper pull.”

In June 2011, MKM Solutions LLC began selling the Zipper Fixer, on Amazon and eBay. “We offered fast shipments and the lowest price, and were amazed at the response,” Mike said.

Soon Mike’s thoughts turned to designing and manufacturing a stronger product. So in October 2013, Mike, a Mechanical Design Engineer, launched The Zipper Solution, which features an easy-grip tab and a stainless steel key ring that connects it to the zipper. Using the slogan “as simple as putting a key on a key ring,” sales of Zipper Solution became 30 percent of MKM Solutions’ total sales in just four months.

The product was designed here in Ohio and the injection molded easy-grip tab is molded in Cleveland, and they do all the final assembly and packaging.

“Our home-based business grew 272 percent in the first full fiscal year and 150 percent the second year,” Mike said.

MKM Solutions added luggage straps and wheels to their product list and an all-steel zipper pull. “We seem to get the itch to add a new product type every few months, and like to pick items that resonate with us — an item that we clearly see as a solution for a need,” Mike said.

All of our orders — about 60 on Sundays and 20 to 40 a day on weekdays from all over the world – are packaged, labeled and shipped daily. Kathy takes the job very seriously, “The package has to be good and the label has to be straight,” she said. “Or it will look like some kid mailed it to you.”

Excellent customer service is very important to MKM Solutions LLC. Our goal is to provide high quality solutions to everyday problems.