What Do You Want to Fix?

Fix All Stuff is your source for genuine replacement parts for everyday objects. We specialize in zipper pull replacement, luggage wheels, and straps. Our own Zipper Solution is designed and manufactured in the USA, and you get two zipper pulls for the price of one!

Fix a Zipper:

Our popular line up of zipper pulls (also referred to as zipper tabs) include:

  • Zipper Solution —  Zipper Solutions is our own product and we are the only manufacturer and distributor. Zipper Solution is proudly designed, manufactured and produced in the USA.
  • Zipper Fixer – Zipper Fixer works on everything from shoes and boots to handbags, luggage, backpacks, sporting equipment, jackets, sweaters, coats and jeans…almost anything with a zipper.
  • Zipper Mend – ZipperMend is all steel design that snaps into place to form a permanent pull. The ZipperMend comes in three colors to match most any zipper — Silver, Black, or Antique Brass!
  • Zipper Clasp – The Zipper Clasp comes in a variety of different colors including Gold, Silver and Pewter.

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